Jackson Fyfe is a ceramic artist from Newton, Massachusetts,  Jackson enjoys the challenges and endless possibilities presented when working with clay and is driven by the unpredictability of the process. He has a history in the arts including glassblowing, sculpture, woodworking, and ceramics.


Art is the single most important thing that has kept me going for nearly my entire life. From a young age, after my father passed away in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I was emotionally attached to art in a way unmatched to any other form of self-expression. I've never been much of a verbal communicator, and this is ultimately what led me to other, more unconventional forms of communication. Before I dedicated my life to art, I had tried many different therapies and medications, none which were successful. During those times, I knew that there was some void to be filled, and art has been able to fill that hole in a way unmatched by anything else. Pottery is a sort of meditation that forces me to focus intensely on one thing. This, for me, is the single property that makes pottery so healing. I make art to heal myself, and it is my hope that it can heal others as well.